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You have ambitious goals and crucial issues to resolve before you can get to where you want to be. You're way out of your
comfort zone and you're feeling overwhelmed already.

No wonder you feel lonely...

But you are no longer alone when you start to work with a
qualified coach with over forty years experience in personal development. With my personal guidance and support you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. 

Like my existing clients, you too could...

   .  Feel great about yourself

   .  Transform to a mindset programmed for success, happiness
      and fulfilment

   .  Discover and achieve your true goals

   .  Resolve issues that cause you conflict, confusion, anxiety
      and imbalance

   .  Make the changes you want in your life

   .  Discover the self-limiting beliefs you hold consciously or
      unconsciously and stop their sabotaging effects

   .  Learn tools, tips, techniques and life skills that will propel you
      past your blocks and keep you on-track towards success
      and achievement

   .  Develop strategies to get where you want to be step-by-step 

   .  Build and maintain excellent personal and
      business relationships

   .  Learn to adopt the behaviour of the Impeccable Warrior

   .  Raise your awareness to understand what makes you tick,
      thereby giving yourself new and exciting choices

   .  Establish and protect your boundaries

   .  Learn to assert yourself without being aggressive

   .  Relate honestly  to others

   .  Enjoy an abundant life

   .  See the bigger picture while keeping a cool perspective

   .  Find your life's calling and start to actualise it

   .  Learn to avoid overwhelm and the temptation to panic

   .  Get the results you yearn for - and much more

'Phone me on 0208 374 7911
or e-mail me personally to discuss your next move


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ôSo much has been going on for me mentally and emotionally over the past few weeks and I have had a number of Ah Hah moments and realisations.... I feel that this has a correlation with the excellent coaching that I have received from you and some of the ideas that you have suggested that I have implemented as a result.

         Kind regards,"

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