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                       PROGRAMME OUTLINE

Have you got a great book inside you? Do you feel the ache
to become a successful author?

Write Your Book – Make a Difference will help you:

  • Find the confidence to write what’s in your heart
  • Experience the joy and liberation of writing
  • Find your true writers’ voice
  • Start to build a body of work
  • Tear through the blocks that hold you back
  • Silence you inner critic and find the determination to get your manuscript finished!

You have a wonderful gift and you yearn to make a difference. You want to write your book but you’re not sure how to go about it. Maybe you’ve started and then you hit a roadblock.

All your life influences acting upon you have conspired to dampen your spark, to quench your inner flame. The purpose of this programme it to feed the fire in your belly so you can rise and shine, give your gift to the world, and gain the recognition that comes with being a published author.

Write Your Book – Make a Difference
is a six session one-to-one coaching programme to help you write from your higher self, while developing the confidence, determination and persistence you need to undertake your writers’ journey and get your manuscript finished.

We then offer an optional extra module to prepare you for the task of Getting Your Book Published  so you know what your options are and which one is right for you.

No matter what your book is about, this programme shows you how you can get on-track towards finding your true writers’ voice while producing the material you require in a thoroughly professional yet joyful manner.

By working with an experienced coach and author who knows the territory, you get all the support, inspiration and encouragement you need as you go on through the process of writing your book.


The best and most enjoyable way to be successful and to share your gift is to communicate what’s in your heart, and those who feel a natural urge to write have a powerful means of doing just that right at their fingertips. Writing is one of our most basic and essential means of communication, and those who enter into the process wholeheartedly enjoy developing their ability to express themselves in a creative, powerful and effective way.

A book is for life, not just for Christmas, for a book is so much more than just a book. Writing a book is a labour of love, and when someone reads what you have painstakingly written, you
give them a gift of immeasurable value, a gift that can last their entire lifetime.

What better way to share your gift, to spread your message, to make a difference and to give real meaning and purpose to your life and the lives of your readers?

A book can also provide an excellent platform from which to promote your business, product, service or brand, and gives you an unparalleled sense of authority and expertise in your field.



This is not an on-line course and it's not a group seminar, it's a one-to-one coaching programme so you get personal attention and we can start anytime that’s mutually convenient. It consists of a series of six sessions of approximately 1½ hours each to be held in my office in North London, over the ‘phone, or via Skype (as you prefer) and your investment is only £399 (can be paid in two instalments).


There’s a hugely ambitious amount of content in this programme and to ensure you get the maximum possible value you’ll have to do some homework and/ or reading between sessions. It’s a serious commitment on both sides.



There are several reasons why I’m in a unique position to help you unleash your creativity, enthusiasm and determination to get writing.

I’ve been writing in one form or another since my early teens, which means I have several decades of very diverse writing experience. On a professional level this included copywriting
for advertising, marketing, PR and exhibition material, as well as journalism, before I set about my secret lifelong ambition of writing my first book, The Five Pillars of Happiness, which was published a couple of years ago by Wizard Publishing.

Writing your book need not be a laborious chore to be feared rather than enjoyed. I can show you how you can let it be an uplifting, joyful experience. When you let yourself flow from your heart, writing your book becomes a wonderfully healing, spiritual journey, not just an intellectual exercise.


Writing is the one thing I excel at, I have a deep passion for it and I believe I have a lot to contribute in helping others to write too. I’m now nearing completion of the manuscript of my second book, a biography.


I’m also a qualified and highly experienced Life Coach and many of my clients are writers or aspiring writers. I work intuitively and empathically, as well as using many of the text-book coaching models. As a writers’ coach I not only encourage people to follow their hearts, I love to see my clients get tangible results, and experience the satisfaction that comes from writing your book and making a difference.



Session 1 - What do you want to write?

First we explore who you are, the nature of your talent and your experience, and discuss in some depth the sort of book you want to write. We also look at who your book is for and discuss other forms of writing you could practise in your spare time so you begin to hone your technique.

Session 2 - Building your confidence

What are your issues around self-belief? Believing in your message. Getting focused and freeing your creative imagination. Practise. Making a start. Coaching tools for success. Developing a determined mindset. Expanding your sense of what is possible.

Session 3 - Getting organised

What makes a great story? Creating a clear outline and structure for your book. On what are you already an authority? Where is your passion? Incorporating elements of drama. Making
it real.


Session 4 - What stops you?

Writers’ block, confusion, inhibition, procrastination, self-doubt – how to deal with them or avoid them. What are your self-limiting beliefs. Dealing with self-limiting beliefs.
Self-discipline. How to develop a can-do attitude.

Session 5 - Believing in yourself and your material

Originality comes from the genuine you – no plagiarism! Reminding yourself – why am I doing this? Why me? Why this
message? Incorporating your experiences and emotions into your writing. Showing empathy with your readers.

Session 6 - Making it happen
Don't get lost in technology - keep it simple.  Getting your manuscript finished. The importance of doing a second draft. Keeping track of your material. Reaffirming your commitment at regular intervals. How do you know when it's finished? Fine-tuning of anything from earlier modules.




Finishing and editing your manuscript represents your first major goal achieved. Now you need to get your work out there and into the hands of your readers. There’s never been a better time to publish, because nowadays there are many options open to you. 

Getting Your Book Published is a stand-alone module that educates you about those options so you are fully equipped to make decisions that are right for you, so you get the exact result you yearn for.

Traditional publisher, self-publishing or e-book? The differences defined and the pros and cons discussed so you can arrive at an informed decision that’s right for you. Do you need an agent? Choosing the right publisher. How to produce a powerful Book Proposal. How to approach an agent or a publisher. Pitching. Motivation and the courage to persevere even in the face
of rejection.

Getting Your Book Published requires an investment of only £60.



If you’ve read this far you will almost certainly want to take action now, and get answers to your questions!

Feel free to 'phone me personally on 0208 374 7911, or you can e-mail me, Dave Robson, to
and we'll discuss your first step.

Here’s to your wonderful book!


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“Very confrontative and very thought provoking – just what I needed! I’m already looking forward to our next session.”
              George F 


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