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        (Building your Blueprint for Success in Self-Employment)

                     PROGRAMME OUTLINE

Do you yearn for the freedom, flexibility and sense of fulfilment you’ll get from being successfully self-employed?


Be Your Own Boss is a unique six session one-to-one coaching programme with the following objectives:


  . Discover how to develop a suitable mindset for success in

  . To prepare you to enjoy the freedom that comes with success
your own terms

  . To avoid many of the classic, costly 'newbie' mistakes

Success in self-employment is not accidental. If you leave it to chance, most likely you’ll soon be heading for disaster. 

PREPARING YOURSELF is the key to success,
and that’s what this coaching programme will help you do.

                 WHY YOU NEED TO PREPARE

I’ve been self-employed for some 33 years in a variety of fields and I’ve probably made more mistakes than most. And believe me, those mistakes hurt me big time! Now I’m in the unique position to be able to support you on your journey of
self-employment so you can avoid some of the pain and start to experience that sweet smell of success much sooner.


Self-employment can offer wonderful rewards if you do it right, but mistakes can be costly. If you’re serious about working for yourself and you want to be successful, this is for you.



This is not an on-line course or a group seminar, it's one-to-one coaching so we can start anytime that’s mutually convenient. The programme consists of a series of six sessions of approximately 1½ hours each to be held in my office in North London, over the ‘phone, or via Skype (whichever you prefer) and your investment is only £399 (can be paid in two instalments).


There’s a hugely ambitious amount of content in this programme and to ensure you get the maximum possible value I would strongly recommend you do some homework and/ or reading between sessions. It’s a serious commitment on both sides.

                  THIS IS WHAT WE COVER

Session 1 - Evaluating your needs and strengths
We begin with a period of serious self-enquiry. You build the essential foundation for setting off on your true path, for only when you get to know yourself inside-out can you know what goals, aims and aspirations are right for you. What is your vision of the self-employed business you want to create?


Session 2 - Developing a mindset for success
In this, your second session, you start to develop the kind of mindset that will bring you success. We introduce some powerful tools and life-skills that you will be able to use for the rest of your life in all sorts of situations, we look at your strengths and weaknesses and the things that stop or hinder you and how you can deal with them.

Session 3 - Finding your niche

In session three we start to get more specific about your proposed service or product and how to choose a way to present it that conveys your passion and enthusiasm – essential qualities that need to be transmitted to your potential customers. It’s
also about dealing with the personal difficulties that will inevitably arise, such as fear, procrastination and resistance.

Session 4 - Avoiding overwhelm
This is all about making steady progress by finding ways of working that are right for you. The idea of steady progress might seem unexciting, but if you try to take on too much at the beginning it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the task ahead. And when that happens most people get
stuck – frozen like a rabbit in the headlights. At that point, action – the only thing that leads to success – becomes impossible. Here are many tools, tips and techniques for tackling the big issues one at a time, without panicking!


Session 5 - Staying on track

In session five you discover personal qualities you have deeply hidden or buried inside, a kind of creative resourcefulness that will help get you through the tricky opening stages of your new business and keep you going towards ultimate success. You have everything you need, in terms of personal qualities, within yourself. This will help you find the courage to find what you need inside, and to use it.

Session 6 - Practicalities of starting in business

Finally in our last session we tie up some loose ends and fine tune any outstanding issues, while also dealing with other practical matters that many fail to address before starting self-employment. Most importantly, but so often neglected, to sparkle we need to be sure that our quality of life is good and continuously improving, and that we are getting proper rest, relaxation, recreation and social interaction. Techniques are discussed to monitor all those and achieve the desired balance.



In short, we try to leave no stone unturned in preparing you for success in the exciting world of self-employment. However, if at the end of the programme you feel you would like further or ongoing coaching, we’d be delighted to work out a bespoke programme to suit your needs.



If you’ve read this far you will almost certainly want to take action now, and get answers to your questions!

Feel free to 'phone me personally on 0208 374 7911 or you can e-mail me, Dave Robson, to
and we'll discuss your first step.

Here’s to your success and happiness!


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 “Thank you so much for the session we had last week. Everything you said has helped me a lot… I’m so grateful to you because you have hit the nail on the head and I’m looking forward to approaching life in a completely new way – so thank you for that.”  Anon

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