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Imagine how great you’ll feel when you live a purposeful life that really means something and makes a difference in the world!

  •     Fed up with living a meaningless existence? 
  •     Bored stiff and trapped in a fruitless job? 
  •     Convinced there must be more to life than the drudgery  of the treadmill? 
  •     Wish you could excel while doing what you love?

Living Your Life’s Purpose is a unique six session one-to-one coaching programme for those who long to do what they
love, so their life really means something and they make a significant difference.

Living Your Life’s Purpose is designed to help you discover your unique gift and to give you the confidence, strategies, tools, techniques and life skills to set about developing it.

It’s an exciting way to lead your life, and it opens you up to limitless possibilities.


When you get to the stage when you are giving your unique gift back to the world, then your life takes on true meaning and purpose. Although grounded in ordinary everyday reality, this process goes far beyond goals and wealth to become an uplifting spiritual journey straight to the heart of you.


Each of us is born with a particular gift, talent, calling, vocation or metier, and your unique life’s purpose is to find and develop that gift to the full. This opens you to the possibility of living a successful life in perfect harmony with your core beliefs and values so you acquire the peace of mind and balance that comes only when you feel fulfilled, abundant and creative.

We also look at ways to pass through or around your blocks so you can fully enter your Maximum Creative Flow.

Look what this coaching programme gives you:

  •     Develop your unique gift to the full
  •     Live in harmony with your core beliefs and values
  •     Enjoy balance and peace of mind
  •     Feel fulfilled, abundant and creative
  •     Give something back
  •     Live your life’s purpose
  •     Reconnect with your true self
  •     Learn many life skills and develop strategies for happiness and success
  •     Deal with your blocks and let your life flow


Start giving something back – make a difference – and experience the true fulfilment that comes from Living Your Life’s Purpose.



This is a one-to-one programme so we can start anytime that’s mutually convenient. It consists of a series of six sessions of approximately 1½ hours each to be held in my office in North London, over the ‘phone, or via Skype (as you prefer) and
your investment is only £399 (can be paid in two instalments).

There’s a hugely ambitious amount of content in this programme and to ensure you get the maximum possible value I highly recommend you do a little homework (which I will set you), and/ or reading between sessions. Though it's a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating process, It’s also a serious commitment on both sides.



Session 1 - Where you’re at right now

An in-depth look at your life as it is at this moment and an examination of who you are – your values, your core beliefs, your passion, what you love, what you’re like and most important, your

Session 2 - Taking control
Here we introduce important paradigm shifting concepts that you’ll need to take on board. This is about finding the courage to be your authentic self and introducing tools to create a suitable
mindset and the ability to focus and take action on what really matters.

Session 3 - Tools, tips and techniques

Basic coaching tools and life skills are introduced to help you pave your way to success, fulfilment and happiness. These will be tremendously useful for the rest of your life. Here we put in
place everything you need to start taking control of your life and moulding it to your desires.

4 - Taking action

Nothing changes unless you take action! In this session we start to work on your action plan, your overall strategy for the changes you want to make and your all-important first step. We also discuss what skills, qualifications and training you might need to open doors to your success. The essential skills of prioritising and time management are also covered here.

5 - What stops you?
Sooner or later even the most highly motivated person feels blocked, and that’s when you need some specifically selected techniques to get you going again. Here we discuss your                self-limiting beliefs and your saboteur and how to get over them. We also start to uncover more of your hidden inner resources.


Session 6 - Making a difference

In our final session we do any necessary fine tuning and introduce a continuous self-monitoring programme so you can see immediately if, for example, priorities or values have changed or a new goal has emerged. We also discuss ways to deal with stress, anxiety and distractions. Finally you are ready to continue your spiritual as well as physical journey beyond goals to a place where you can make a real difference.


We start at the very beginning in helping you build a foundation for happiness, that feeling of utter contentment that comes only when you’re Living Your Life’s Purpose. We aim to give you
everything you need to make that exciting journey.

Of course, if at the end of the programme you’d like to go further and deeper with the support you get from working with a coach, or you just want to make sure you stay on-track, I’d be delighted to work out a bespoke programme to suit your ongoing needs.



If you’ve read this far, you will almost certainly want to take action now, and get answers to your questions!

Feel free to 'phone me personally on 0208 374 7911, or you can e-mail me, Dave Robson, to

Wishing you happiness now!



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“I feel so much stronger now, like you could take away the scaffolding and I won't fall over. Thank you Dave."
      Virginia P.


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