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What I ask of my clients is a big ask, and it amounts to far more than money. That’s because my work goes far beyond achieving goals.

Courage, commitment, grit, your time and a willingness to take action are the main qualities that will bring you success. I work with people who are sincerely hungry for change, people who want with every fibre of their beings to come alive and end their suffering – and are prepared to act accordingly.


That’s because most people's ultimate goals are happiness, fulfilment, meaning, purpose, harmony and balance. The work I offer suits people who appreciate it's value and are ready and willing to be happy, or who want to move towards readiness and willingness.


I don’t do “quick fix” or palliative work, my approach is holistic, intuitive and practical, that’s why my style of coaching appeals predominantly to intelligent people who seek hands-on practical solutions. Many are the more mature seekers of personal development, especially those who have tried everything else and find they remain stuck, those in mid-life change or crisis, and people who will do whatever it takes to empower themselves to achieve their hearts’ desire.



The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating! Everything I offer I have used myself and I use with my clients, and the ones who stayed with it have blossomed. My most successful clients are those who are in tune with my methods and ideas and find me by hearing about my work and being drawn to it.

The secret to happiness is being 100% who you are, but many of us have lost touch with who we are. That’s why I encourage you to get to know yourself inside out. Balance in all things is what I aim for, so be prepared for some profound introspection – but don't worry, life is to be enjoyed so I'll never let you take yourself too seriously!


If you've read this far and you still haven't contacted me, when will you ever take action?

If you don't do something nothing changes. Wouldn't you like to be in a better place in one year, two years, five years from now? It's your choice. You can either spend your life just thinking about it or you can pick up that 'phone or send me an e-mail now.

Think how great you'll feel just from doing that. You'll have taken your fist step towards happiness.

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“Dear Dave, you are an angel!! I really do appreciate it  - your time, your knowledge and your patience.

I cannot thank you enough.”
           Barbara H

           Barbara Skinner

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